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Jan 16, 2018

Beerded Hops Podcast, Episode 4 Show Notes One today’s episode, Adam gets “looser”, Chad does a cover of “MmmBop”, we both have warm ears, and we drink and review the Boulevard Brewing “Smoke Stack” Series Bourbon Barrel Quad, a barrel-aged ale. Boulevard is out of Kansas City, MO. Boulevard Brewing Company ( is a division of Duvel-Moortgat ( Link to the beer we reviewed - You can watch this episode on YouTube - Hanson family band is naming their first beer 'Mmmhops'- Dogfish Head Brewing - Summit Brewing downsizes a bit - Craft Beer is DEAD? No, but read this - The Cut-Off List, love this - Dunkin Donuts making craft beer? Well, not quite, but close. - Find us: Find us on UnTappd Adam is TallDogBeer - Chad is chadillac907 - Find us on Twitter @BeerdedHops - Chad @GreenChadGold - Adam @tattooedbacon - Find us on Facebook Beerded Hops Podcast - Beerded Hops - Find us on Instagram Email us-